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    To be considered for a position as member of |Think| applicants must fulfill the following requirements:
    • Applicants must be minimum 17 years of age and be an “Active Player” on the server for a minimum of 3 months.
    • Applicants must be ACTIVE in the forums.
    • Applicants skill is not a prerequisite for membership.
    • Applicants must also be a member of our Steam Community Group: Here
    • Applicants are not permitted to change their names after applying, Your name MUST only consist of English characters that are found on your keyboard to avoid server conflicts. Sorry no exceptions!
    • Applicants must be contributing the $10.00 monthly contribution like the other members while demonstrating ownership and taking responsibility for the server and community!

    (This monthly contribution is what keeps the server running, something we want all to share in)

    Membership is not immediate! The time frame is based on your overall merit/conduct, acceptance and demonstration of the rules while you and the community gets to know one another. (Minimum probationary period is one month.).

    Process of Recruitment:
    • Recruitment Applications submited will be reviewed by the community members.(One submission only, additional applications will void your Membership)
    • The Community members will follow your progress over the course of the mext 3 months. Applicants will be assessed on their conduct,character, forum & gaming activity.
    • Applicants will be approved by the community members with the final decision being made by the server operators.
    • Applicants which have been accepted or denied will be posted in the forum entitled: "Decided Applicants" under Recruitment, upon denial an applicant may reapply after a time period of 60 days.

    Applicants meeting these present requirements may start the process by filling out the member application below.

    NOTE: Returning members need not reapply but must contact the operators through one of the admins. (Please ensure that your server contribution status is made and current prior to request, thank you)

    Member Application
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